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Title: Good Girls Don't
Fandom: BuffyAngel
Pairing: Faith/Gunn
Rating: R

Originally for the Porn Battle, then reposted here

I’ve never written for these characters, and I’m still not sure why I did; I just saw the Porn Battle prompt, and immediately had this idea spring up in my head. Which I then took all of fifteen minutes to write. Not my usual way, but I will take it, gladly.

"Is this what you want, little girl?"

He already knows the answer, but he asks it anyways, every single time. Better safe than bleeding. Gunn may be a little bit reckless at times, but he’s not stupid.

She looks up at him, dark eyes wide, and nods. Her hair falls over one shoulder in a messy braid, and makes her look five years younger. If he wasn’t worried she might kick his ass for it later, he’d tell her she looked beautiful. Thanks in part to a photo I saw of Eliza Dushku where she is, in my opinion, clearly dressed and posed to look like a little girl-when in reality she was 25-I feel the need to clarify that this fic fits in around S4 of Angel (obviously, after they busted Faith of out prison), so Faith is 22 (23? I forget when her birthday is supposed to be) here. And it’s not like Gunn thinks she’s beautiful because she looks 17; he’s just never seen her look so...trusting and vulnerable before, and it’s a nice change.

"Let me hear you say it, baby. You gotta said it out loud." His hands rest by his sides, and he pulls them back when she reaches for him. "No, no, sweetheart, you know the rules. No touching guns until you say it out loud." Gunn has very clear views on issues of consent, which I love. Also, by making Faith vocalize exactly what she wants, he’s allowing her a teeny little bit of control, too, because he knows she’s not ready to fully give it up. Also the second: although "little girl" was intentional (the first line of the story was the first thing I wrote, and it never changed by so much as a letter), I didn’t plan on Gunn calling her baby and sweetheart; that was just one of those times where I have to sit back and watch the characters write their own dialogue. That’s happened to me several times before, and at this point, I don’t bother trying to fight it.

She looks around the room, left to right and back again, and he can’t help but do the same over her shoulder. The room is empty but for the two of them and the old bed made with clean new sheets. Nobody ever comes up to this wing of the hotel anyways. I like the empty, abandoned part of the hotel because it’s neutral ground. They don’t have any real emotional ties to the space, so it’s a safe place for the two of them to work this stuff out. The wooden chairs barricading the doors are just for show. (And maybe for Gunn to sit on while Faith rides him later.) "Please, could you? I want you to fuck me."

"See, now, that wasn't so hard, was it?" He smiles, but it's not real. He knows she hates having to ask for things, knows how difficult it is for her. When they first started this...whatever it is (they don’t call it a relationship), she couldn’t ever ask for anything; everything always came out as an order. Faith won’t admit it, but she’s happy that she’s getting to a point where she knows that it’s okay to ask for what she wants.

She doesn’t put up any resistance when he wraps a hand around each of her wrists and pushes her down onto the bed; they both know she could break him, if she wanted to. But tonight, what she really craves is a break, and that means giving up the reins to someone else, even if she has to fight against her own body’s urges and instinct to get it. This was the basis for my interpretation of the prompt-Faith roleplaying that she doesn’t have the enhanced Slayer powers. I really like this idea, because it always seemed to me like Faith was flaunting her Slayer powers a lot, but at the same time, I got the impression that she was only doing that because that’s how she thinks she should act. After all, until she met Buffy, she’d never had another Slayer to say to her, "Look, it’s not all swagger and glory," and by that time, she’d gotten to used to her persona to be able to step back and realize that it is just a job, and that she doesn’t have to enjoy it quite so much.

He fucks her hard, much harder than he ever would anyone else. The first time, he’d been careful, almost hesitant, and it had, he realized later, pissed her off; she’d grabbed his shoulder, claw marks she hadn’t apologized for, and growled, "Give me everything. I can take it, you know I can, now stop fucking around and fuck me." She’s trying to be normal and traditionally girly (which, in her mind, equates to the weak, submissive partner) but she still knows that she’s a Slayer in a Slayer’s body, which means that Gunn can be as rough as he wants and any marks he leaves will be gone by morning. But even though she’s the Slayer and he knew that, Gunn had trouble looking at Faith without seeing this woman who was half his size, so he approached the sex as he would with any other woman he’s sleeping with for the first time.

Nothing gets held back now, and she accepts it all like the willing, normal girl she’s pretending to be.
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