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Title: Good Girls Don't
Fandom: BuffyAngel
Pairing: Faith/Gunn
Rating: R

Originally for the Porn Battle, then reposted here

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The original story can be found here.

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This was originally posted here. The story itself is rated G, but this commentary contains a little bit of swearing akin to what they use on Deadwood, so considered yourself warned.

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First off, a little background: I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] raedbard’s Rare Pairs ficathon back in June of 06*. I came up with three sets of characters, which I eventually whittled down to Toby and Annie Bartlet, because I thought it would be neat. The CJ and Andy option sort of got written later on, but I haven’t yet tried Josh and Zoey. Maybe someday.

*The masterlist is here, and I highly recommend it.

This story was originally posted to my own journal in June of ‘06, and the unlocked, non-commentary version can be found here.

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